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“WALTER” pumping station
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“SIIM” pumping station

Eccua has ISO 9001 quality management certificate since 2003.

We have no exclusions from the standard, as we fulfill all requirements of the management system, from general operations related to management organization to communication with suppliers and customers, product development, testing, certification, production, and marketing.

Most our products are related to the field of construction, and therefore we must proceed from the Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the European Council describing and referring to the requirements set to construction products. Routine following of these requirements ensures quality, functionality, and safety of products before bringing them to the market.

The abovementioned regulation also provides instructions, how to ensure that products subjected to harmonized standards would meet the requirements of the European common market and possess CE marking.

In case of all products we proceed from the following principles:

  • The staff participating in the design, testing, production and inspection of products, also these communicating with suppliers and customers, and possessing input to the quality of products and services, shall have the highest competency to ensure the best implementation of their skills.
    Therefore we assess the professional level of the staff on a regular basis and provide training, if necessary, to raise their level of knowledge.
  • Before adopting new technologies, we assess their impact on the efficiency of production, payback period and products, proceeding from new future trends of the industry. We consider it important to minimize the generation of waste related to production.
  • All designed products are tested in the house or by third independent parties, if necessary, in order to assess compliance with required characteristics. If necessary, we change the properties of our products, and only in case of positive test results. If requested, we can offer to the customer’s products with CE marking.
  • All materials and processes are controlled through continuous collection and assessment of feedback, to ensure lack of any deviations.
  • All products are thoroughly inspected, proceeding from the set requirements, either visually or through tests, and the results are certified, based on the internal organization of work.

We revise annually our achievements, compared to the plans, and set new objectives in various activities of the company, taking also an account of any secondary functions, which contribute to complete and efficient development of the quality management system.

We often perform also operations not directly related to the requirements of ISO 9001 standard, because we consider the requirements highly important and undertake to follow them by ourselves. One such area is environmental sustainability, where we ensure efficiency and stability of the production processes and administrative measures through awareness, preventing waste of resources. If possible, we always choose the materials with lower environmental impact and conduct good cooperation with various recycling companies, in order to minimize our ecological footprint, which ensures welfare for ourselves and future generations.